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Maricar Banaag's Online Shopping Aftermath

Nowadays, instead of going to the malls, market and store, most of the people are into online shopping. One factor if i may say, it's convenient and hassle free and it will be delivered to your chosen address and sometimes shipping fee is free. 

As a consumer, we are responsible also with the products that we are buying since we might ended up saying "Expectations vs Reality". So we should be keen into the details as well as read the reviews from other buyers so we have the idea if it's legit or not.

This is to give awareness to other buyer, one example if you are into a Jewelry thing. Ms.
Maricar Banaag, had a terrible experience buying jewelry to an online seller named Daisy Borja. She bid for a diamond ring worth 160k and weight is 1.25 carat. But as soon as she get it and had it checked she found out that it only weighs 0.71. By the way, Daisy's online shop named is Ninang Daisy's Online Shop and Miracle Jewels Online. 

Then after this, it started the war between Ninang Daisy and the buyer Maricar Banaag. As per Maricar, she was bullied by Daisy since she's doing live video via FB for how many hours and the only topic is her. She even heard bad words coming from Daisy's mouth. 

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