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Guess the “100 Million Man” of Malacañang

Less than a month under President BongBong Marcos administration and a rumor is circulating that one influential official is doing a miracle. 

It started during the Campaign period until PBBM is declared the President. According to the source, we can call “El Kupitan” who is very close to the President and taking the advantage to make a money easily. 

El Kupitan is asking for 100 Million Pesos to a people who want to secure a position in the government - which means that the position would be very profitable. And if they can provide the money, El Kupitan will handle the papers and appoint it right away. 

The shocking revelation also is that during the Campaign. El Kupitan transactions to all the Businessman that wanted to give donation should be the same and looks like a bidding series. 
One more thing, there’s this one Businessman who donated 100M Pesos but was surprised that the Bank account name is under El Kupitan. 

Aside from the  “Mr 100 Million Man” code there’s a new name of El Kupitan. According to “Marisol” and “Marites” in the Government, they called it as  “Silidonyo”, as in “silid dito, silid doon” in the jar. 

People close to the President are worried now that the image may be tarnish because of El Kupitan.  Want to know Who is our El Kupitan? Clue the name contains letter R.

It was discuss also from mainstream media, like the show of Mike Enriquez and Arnold Clavio. 

snapshot from Arnold and Mike show in GTV

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