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The Who is this Government official with a Kubrador and depositor?

Who is this high government official who has two (2) special personnel who act as cashiers and depositors?

According to our source, the kubrador is the one who directly negotiates to cover the money for his so-called "Boss", the Government official.

Kubrador is the one who ensures that the money collected is given at the right time and another staff member is the one who will deposit the high official's bank account.

The negotiation and exchange of text messages took place in the months of June and July this year, where the parties spoke separately about the multi-million dollar amount they were going to claim from the project that should benefit the poor.

Here is a sample of Kubrador's text message "Request for P100M to include the cabinets, tables and chairs" and "On Friday there is a check release for (from SUBI) .. pls make sure Boss put P100M in his account Ty ” contents of a text on June 7, a few weeks before former President Rodrigo Duterte stepped down.

Government official is really a typhoon and bigtime because he is not a simple person who is a cobrador and a collector of stolen money, he is a tandem of a lawmaker and a businessman.

Mr. Kubrador official has a bad image because of the scandal it involved in the government, that's why it sucks in the current administration to get away with the cases.

According to our source, the amount collected by Kubrador is P100 million only for Government Official. P100 million seems to be the trend now in the administration of President Bongbong Marcos Jr.

The SUBI member of Kubrador's collection was also involved in a dispute between the families of politicians here in a famous city in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Kubrador is a lady solon from a province and the depositor or subi is skilled in Raket like his initial.

But the focus of our blind item is the Government official who was collected by Kubrador.

Clue: It has been reported that a government official is being investigated because of his secret bank account, not only in the Philippines but overseas, specifically by the Anti Money Laundering Council.

The official who has two minions who are kubra and subi or roommate in his bank account is nicknamed Mr. "Silidonyo", because "room here room there" of his lurking piles of money.

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