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Abay Babes Will Give You Laughter This September 19

ABAY BABESVIVA Films latest offering this September, is a feast for the eyes as it brings together Cristine Reyes, Kylie Verzosa, Nathalie Hart, Meg Imperial, and Roxanne Barcelo, who are all oozing with sexiness and pizzazz.  

Along with the visual treat is a story that has a right mix of fun and intrigue to captivate all audiences. 

Many years after high school, Emerald, Ruby, Perla, and Goldie (considered the Bicol “It Girls” of their batch) are reunited for the latter’s upcoming wedding.  Joining them is Jade, Goldie’s friend from America.  Everyone is excited about this get-together, but somehow, Goldie’s friends are finding it hard to believe that she is going to be the first to fulfill their dream of getting married, considering that she is the least attractive among them.  

Emerald, Ruby and Perla secretly joke that Goldie might just be making this all up.  And when they can’t see any videos or pictures of the groom, Zack, the three start to take their joke seriously.  As if their skepticism is not enough, their past issues against one another are also reopened.  At a time when friendship and love are supposed to be celebrated, will doubt and rivalry get the better of them?

Playing the role of Emerald is Nathalie Hart who entered showbiz in 2008 through ABS-CBN’s Star Magic.  In May 2018, she was the cover of the final print issue of FHM.  Emerald has the alias “Bicol Express” because, according to her, she is the hottest among her friends.  She works as a commercial model.  

Ruby, the class topnotcher back in high school and is now a doctor, is played by Cristine Reyes.  She is called “Pili Nuts” because, ultimately, guys would choose her beauty over all others.  (Pili is the Tagalog for choose.)  Cristine shared in an interview that she enjoyed jamming with the girls between takes.  Her last film was a family drama, making this comedy film really fun to do.

Perla, who is called “Mt. Mayon” because of its perfect shape, just like her figure, is played by Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa.  She has appeared in the movies “Ang Panday” and “Kasal”, but this is her first leading role.  I have this desire to be really good at something,” Kylie once said in an interview.  “I want to be good at acting, not being an artista.” 

Goldie, the class clown in the movie, is played by Roxanne Barcelo who is also the funniest one in the cast.  Goldie is given the moniker, “Abaca” (fiber, in English), because she is the toughest of them all.  In real life, Roxanne has both the toughness and the talents (like singing and hosting) that are necessary to last in the world of show business.  

Jade, the videographer who will document the girls’ road trip to the wedding venue, is played by Meg Imperial.  A recent IG post of Meg is captioned “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”   Indeed, Meg’s career is flourishing because she is open to doing different roles.  

Pictures during the Abay Babes Mediacon:

ABAY BABES also stars Tom Rodriguez, Marco Gumabao, Mark Bautista, Candy Pangilinan and many more.  Directed by Don Cuaresma, the movie will open on September 19 in cinemas nationwide. From VIVA Films.

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