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Alex and Toni Gonzaga’s New Book ‘Sissums’

Celebrity siblings Alex and Toni Gonzaga divulge the many roles they have played in each other's lives in "Sissums: the 18 Rules of Sisterhood," a new book under ABS-CBN Publishing where they revealed how Toni became a role model, a critic, and even a bully to Alex, while the latter became Toni's lawyer, cheerleader, and more when they were growing up.


"We've realized we have different roles in each other's phases in life, and we share them in this book. Whether positive or negative, these are the roles that helped us grow individually and as sisters." explained the "Sissums" co-authors who were at first surprised that many tagged them as #sistergoals. 


Alex wrote how Toni became her "Inang Yaya" who took care of her when their parents were very busy at work. Toni likewise became a role model, a critic, and even a bully to her younger sister who triggered Alex's amusing attempt to run away from home when she was just five years old. 


Meanwhile, Toni disclosed how Alex became her lawyer, PR manager, cheerleader, and travel companion, while both of them considered each other as partner in crime growing up. Now, Alex also serves as the best TiNang or aunt-godmother to Toni's son, Seve. 


Also in the "Sissums" book, the pair shared different set of rules they live by at home, at work, and at play. Among these rules are that sisters should be roommates by default and that they should respect each other's differences and remain loyal at all times. They also stressed the importance of veering away from comparison and envy.  


The book likewise contains exclusive photos and quirky comics, illustrating funny and relatable situations they have been in. Quizzes and a mini-scrapbook are also ideal to bond over with siblings.


"Sissums" is Toni's first venture into publishing while it is Alex's third book project, after her best-selling books "Dear Alex, Break na kami. Paano? Love, Catherine" and "Dear Alex, We're Dating. Tama ba o Mali? Love, Catherine."


Find out the secrets to Toni and Alex's strong sisterhood in "Sissums" book, available for only P225 in leading bookstores nationwide. For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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