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Durex launches campaign to curb rising HIV cases in the country

Globally, the incidence of new transmissions of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has slowed down. In the Philippines, howeverofficial data from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) show that there has been a 174 percent increase in HIV cases since 2010.


“There is an urgent and pressing need to curb the infection. While the rest of the world has decreasing rates, we are going the opposite way. This is something that is very alarming,” said Karol CanlasBrand Manager of Durex Philippines


With its rising HIV numbers, the Philippines is of special interest to Durex. The world’s leading condom brand launched its Always Come Prepared campaign that amplifies the message of protecting one’s self from the threat of HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).


The campaign, which uses a quirky visual of a toy soldier using a condom as a parachute, wants to bring the conversation of the HIV threat into a more understandable level and easy to digest way for the general public, particularly the young adults. 

Amidst the alarming growth rate of new HIV infections in the country, Durex Philippines recently launched its Always Come Prepared campaign which seeks to prevent the disease from spreading further. The campaign was strongly supported by organizations such as the UNAIDS, Love Yourself, and campaign advocates the boys of Boys Night Out. In the photo are (from left to right) radio jock Slick Rick, Reckitt Benckiser head for regulatory Atty. Ricky Salvador, sex therapist Dr. Rica Cruz, UNAIDS country director for the Philippines Dr. Louie Ocampo, Reckitt Benckiser general manager Chris Ritchie, infectious diseases expert Dr. Marion Kwek, Love Yourself and safe spaces advocate Iosif Cadelina, radio jocks Toni Tony, and Sam YG.


The numbers tell a grim picture of the situation in the countryan estimated 12,000 new cases reported in 2017, with an estimated 61,000 to 76,000 Filipinos living with HIV.


“Contrary to the global rate of new HIV cases, which has been decreasing by 18 percent, the Philippines sings a different tune. There is a need to ring the alarm bells, to bring the conversation of HIV to more Filipinos in a more understandable way,” said Dr. Louie Ocampo, Country Director of UNAIDS in the Philippines.

The Always Come Prepared campaign will also banner the trio of Boys Night Out – Sam YG, Toni Tony, and Slick Rick as campaign advocates, HIV-testing advocacy group Love Yourself, and UNAIDS


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