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Forever Healthy Products Introduce IMUREGEN

IMUREGEN is a complex dietary nucleotides from Bovine blood. It contains peptides, essential amino acids, vitamins,and minerals, which is a unique tool for supporting the immune system and body regeneration.

IMUREGEN is the latest innovation discovery in health and wellness to support and protect the body's immune system and cells against free radicals. It is comprised of Nucleotides, Peptides, Oligopeptides, Amino acids, Trace minerals, Vitamins, Iron and Salt.  The body needs all of these to keep the cells alive, healthy, create and repair defective cell.s A deficiency in any of these could lead to sickness or health issues which is why Imuregen is highly recommended.

This one promises that your sleep will be better, your energy will be there and they say it’s very natural. 

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