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ML Film This November 7

ML Film is a 2018 Philippine independent film written and directed by Benedict Mique Jr. Starring Eddie Garcia as a retired METROCOM Colonel suffering from dementia, leading him to believe that he is still living in the days of Martial Law.

He was join by Tony Labrusca playing the role of Carlo, an unapologetically millennial college jock, thinks that Martial Law wasn’t all that bad. During their History Class, Professor gave them a project to gather information and interview a person about Martial Law. Carlo sets out to prove he is right and looks for someone who lived through that period to tell the tale along with Jace played by Henz Villaraiz. 

Then, Carlo decided to interview Colonel Dela Cruz (Eddie Garcia), but he ended up tortured just as what the Colonel did to activists back in the 1970s in his house basement. Carlo’s friend, Jace and even his GF played by Liane Valentino was tortured as well when they go to the house of Colonel Dela Cruz. 

The movie is so intense especially the torture scene that even me can’t watch it and I just close my eyes. Many scenes are sensitive but was executed nicely because of the good acting of the cast like Mr. Eddie Garcia and Tony Labrusca.

Catch ML in cinemas nationwide this November 7, 2018.

See video below for the interview with the cast and director of ML. 

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