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Arjo Atayde’s 2019 Shows

This year will definitely a good one for the Kapamilya Actor Arjo Atayde. The 28-year-old actor plays Elai, the son of the Diamond Star ‘Maricel Soriano’ who plays Isabelle, in “The General’s Daughter,” their first acting project together. 

On the pilot episode of the show, Arjo’s role earned praises from the netizens playing the role with autism. Aside from the double digit ratings of the show, Arjo Atayde trended in Twitter Philippines. 

Arjo’s scene that catches the heart of the viewers is when Rhian played by Angel Locsin volunteered to leave, despite not being fully recovered. Realizing he had no control of the situation, Elai quietly retreated to the shore and cried. 

Diamond Star Maricel Soriano commended the acting of Arjo during the Presscon of the The General’s Daughter. She gave a 10/10 rating for Arjo’s acting in the show. 

grabbed from Arjo’s IG account

On the other hand, if Arjo’s a gem in dramatic acting in the ‘The General’s Daughter’ , a different Arjo will be seen in the upcoming movie ‘TOL. This will be his first lead and comedy role in the movie. Arjo posted in his Instagram Account that “after 7 years of acting in a drama and action show, who would’ve thought that his first lead role in a movie would be comedy?”. Catch ‘TOL in cinemas nationwide on January 30, 2019 under Reality Entertainment with co-stars Jessy Mendiola, Ketchup Eusebio and Joross Gamboa.

Lastly in Cinemas soon under Regal Films, Arjo Atayde will be a Lover Boy in the film ‘Stranded’ with co-Kapamilya star Jessy Mendiola. 

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