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Cristine Reyes is ‘MARIA’ A Must Watch Movie

I was excited to know that Viva Films will be offering another action movie via Maria. Directed by Pedring Lopez and stars Cristine Reyes, and co-production with BlackOps Studios Asia and Psyops8. At first, when I saw the poster you will definitely say that the movie will be bloody. And yes, my expectation is correct since many brutal scenes that were executed flawlessly.

The title is very interesting since we all know that Maria is Holy. But it has an interesting story that leads to a complicated and gritty network of violence. Maria is a revenge story of an assassin who is out for blood when her family gets caught in a war that involves politics and drugs. But she does not do revenge peacefully, because of her past she is built to fight and it will get really violent.

Viva Films to have Cristine Reyes to play Maria is a good choice as she portrays the role very smooth. It exceeds my expectation since we barely see Cristine doing an action movie or even a soap. 

The movie was revealed to incorporated Filipino martial arts in the fight scenes. The fight scenes were choreographed by Sonny Sison who also also worked in Buybust. The fights scenes were good and you can say that it was executed very well. 

Maria stars Cristine Reyes, Kc Montero, Ivan Padilla, LA Santos, Jennifer Lee, Freddie Webb, and Ronnie Lazaro.  Directed by Pedring Lopez. It’s already showing in cinemas (March 27, 2019). 

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