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The importance of family togetherness as told by the Muhlach family in newest Jollibee Chickenjoy commercial

Sharing a meal with thepeople you love the most is an incomparable feeling—especially for the Muhlach family

In their latest Jollibee commercial, the celebrity family once again reveals a side that many Filipino families can relate to. We see Aga, Charlene, and their twins Andres and Atasha sharing a bucket of their favorite Chickenjoy while talking about their day and what truly matters for them: the love of family.

This newest commercial strengthens the brand’s message of family togetherness, with quality bonding time made even more special with thecrispyliciousjuicylicious, walang kasing sarapChickenjoy.

Jumping off from previous ads highlighting Aga and Charlene’s sentiments as loving parents, thiscommercial captures a heartfelt moment in theMuhlachs’ dinner meal, each member sharing why it’s best when they’re all together as a family.

“They make me feel like everything will be okay,” says Andres in the commercial. His twin sister Atasha agrees: “In our family, we support each other.”

“We are all familiar with the deep love and care that Filipino parents feel for their children,” said Cathleen Capati, Jollibee AVP and Marketing Head for Flagship Category. “Having the children appreciate and live out the lessons their parents imparted on them, like Andres and Atasha do, is such a refreshing and equally heartfelt take to this much-beloved series of commercials.”

The best gift for family
For Charlene, the best gift for her family is not necessarily expensive—or even material.

The best gift that we, as parents, really give our children is quality time,” shared the actress-host. “Like in each milestone in their lives, we make sure to be there all the time!”

Even as teenagers with their own busy lives, Andres and Atasha still love hanging out with their parents; the result of their relatively “normal”, tight-knit upbringing.

“Whenever we spend time together, there’s never a dull moment. We always enjoy each other’s company, even if it’s just being in the same room for hours just talking,” Atasha shared. Their favorite family moments are usually derived from simple conversations enjoyed over delicious food, especially the best-tasting Chickenjoy.

A true-blue Jollibee family
Aga has been part of the Jollibee family, with endorsements and advocacy projects for the country’s number one fast-food brand since 1991. Having his wife and children join him for family-centered commercials brought special joy to the actor.

“The time we spent together in the shoot was precious also. Being together the whole day doesn’t feel like working,” Aga said.

“But it’s also nice because at least the kids get to see what we have been doing, and now they’re part of it,” agreed Charlene.

“For me honestly, this opportunity is special because not everyone can say they can experience this moment. Not everyone can say that they have done a commercial with their whole family! And it’s enjoyable because we’re all together, just bonding in every way,” added Andres.

“What makes the Chickenjoy commercials with the Muhlach family work is that they truly embody the value of togetherness that we want to support and promote,” said Capati. “If you see them working together, joking around and having fun, you’ll see that the warmth and closeness they exude on-cam is genuine—and the love that they have for Chickenjoyis genuine, too!”

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