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Time to Get HKT Fragrances with Gabbi Garcia

From the creative and entrepreneural minds behind Something Cool, Inc. come HKT Fragrances, a new generation of sensational scents inspired by modern style and the clean, fresh vibe that comes with it. HKT Fragrances is out to disrupt the fragrance industry with quality products offered at budget-friendly prices.

Dreaming of being part of the “IT” crowd? Let Hookt usher you into a world of exclusively where confidence is unleashed. Make a statement with fragrance must-haves that punctuate your personal style. Choose from a variety of scents for men and women that range from light, clean and musky to fruity, floral and woody. With Hookt, all it takes is a spritz to make an impression that lasts.

Hookt caters to the youth of today and understands their need to stand out and express their individuality. The brand believes that a fragrance embodies choice, style, and expression. Hookt fragrances do not overpower. They call attention to themselves through subtle sophistication. Each scent was carefully curated with the modern millennial in mind. A HKT signature 
fragrance fits a unique persona and sets the stage for an urban expression that is in a class of its own.

Kicking off the year with its nationwide launch in April 10, 2019, Hookt promises to be a game changer aimed at boosting one’s confidence, promoting beauty, and offering olfactory style. With young actresses Andrea Brillantes and Gabbi Garcia serving as its endorsers, the brand goes beyond offering just fragrances. It offers a state of mind where style, class, and good vibes rule. Get ready to get hooked on HKT Fragrances. Experience the brand by visiting and exploring our products on Lazada, Instagram @hooktph and Facebook official page 

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