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Kaizen Studios Presents WAY OF THE CROSS

WAY OF THE CROSS is being produced by KAIZEN STUDIOS, Co. Ltd., which belongs to a International Holdings Company called, ZENZA GLOBAL. 

This Conglomerate comprises of various International Companies focusing on Health, Wellness, Beauty, Finance, Personal Development, Film Production, and Entertainment. 

They have offices in Las Vegas, Japan, Hong Kong, China and other Southeast Asian Countries. Kaizen Studios is part of this group of companies. Antonio is the Chairman & CEO of ZENZA GLOBAL. Mr. Diaz has been a world renowned business innovator, marketing maverick, motivational speaker and life trainer for the past 30 years. 

His philosophies and business concepts have been adopted throughout the world and he is well known for being one of the strongest demonstrators of hands-on leadership and personal development. His concepts and philosophy continues to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 

Way of the Cross is set against a small religious town in the Philippines, "WAY OF THE CROSS" follows Rogelio "Rogue" Marquez ( Anthony Diaz V), a Las Vegas based Filipino American FBI agent, whose estranged father living in the Philippines, is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

Rogue travels to the Philippines to visit his dying father and half sister in Manila. A string of murders occur during holy week celebrations in the nearby town of San Antonio that send waves of terror among the local town people, and stuns the NBI and its top agent. 

Rogue's curiosity and FBI instincts lure him into a dark cat and mouse world of religious abstracts as he attempts to uncover the motivation behind these murders in hopes to solve the mystery. 

Original Concept by: Gorio Vicuna Screenplay by: Antonio Diaz Anthony Diaz V Directed by: Gorio Vicuna & Antonio Diaz  

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