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Glaiza de Castro is back with a new single!

Glaiza De Castro is not just an award-winning actress, but also a freed soul singer-songwriter. After the successful release of her album "Magandang Simulain" in 2017with songs that gained more than a thousand streams on Spotify, comes another single "Kapalaran" released by PolyEast Records,

“Kapalaran” is penned by Glaiza De Castro together with her friend and actor Alwyn Uytingco. She said that a demo sent to her by Alwyn about his Japan trip and immediately inspired Glaiza to write the lyrics and melody for the song with a story on her mind. 

We all have gifts or skills or talents and whatever it is that you feel you like to do, yun ang kapalaran mo”, Glaiza said as she wants to encourage her listeners noto be pressured to what the society tells or dictates you to feel, keep pushing to what you want because whatever it is, it is your destiny. 

Aside from its unique melody and range, adding spice to the music is singer/songwriter and spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo’s spoken verse-- making it more soulful and heartfelt.Glaiza has always admired Juan Miguel for his wordssincerity, and power to communicate. 

"Perfect siya sa song kasi I wanted to convey a strong messageand it's impossible not to listen to him when he says something,” Glaiza added. 

The lyrics and melody of Kapalaran that Glaiza did, plus the inspiring personal experience of Alwyn Uytingco shared and the unique vibe arrangement that Axel Fernandez it all made it all different and perfect. 

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