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With years of hardwork and countless of hits under his belt, the name Gloc-9 has become synonymous to Rap Icon in the OPM Industry. This 2019, Gloc-9 returns with "TULAy" a new EP that brings new music from the rapper and pushes the OPM scene even further. 

As its name suggests, Gloc-9 brings two concepts together in "TULAy" — it is a play on the tagalog words "tula" (poem) and "tulay" (bridge), both terms signifying what the rapper wants to embody in this EP. For one, hip-hop is at the forefront as Gloc showcases his skills in writing hard-hitting and socially relevant verses, also experimenting with new styles and flows. But it does not stop there — while the beloved rap icon pushes his music forward, he also uses the EP as a platform to introduce youngblood to the OPM scene. 

All five tracks bring forth a collaboration between Gloc-9 and one or more emerging OPM artists. Tracks featured include "Maleta", the first collab between him and singer-songwriter Julie Anne San Jose, "Lagi" featuring rising OPM act Al James, "Pamaypay" with Tawag ng Tanghalan-alum and R&B singer JKris, and "Sino" featuring Abaddon and Smugglaz. Rounding up the EP is "Totoo" featuring Zjay and Lirah Bermudez.

With his passion for writing and creating relevant hits, and his dedication to bring the OPM scene to the forefront, it's no wonder that Gloc-9 continues to stay on top of his game. 

TULAy EP is now available for streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music under Universal Records. 

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