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LJ Reyes Launches MApp - The Smart Mommy App

They say two heads are better than one - and when it comes to motherhood, it seems
highly applicable.

This is why MAPP The Smart Mommy App Co-Founders LJ Reyes and Trix Clasara
decided to merge their ideas instead of competing against each other, to form one
super app with the end goal of helping other moms with conquering motherhood with
a tap!

But their story is not as common.
In fact, up until early 2018, LJ and Trix didn't even know one another except for the fact
that they knew each one had their own mom-friendly app.

In 2015, three months into becoming a new mom, Trix created Mommily - a mobile app
that helped moms find baby-friendly places in the city out of a personal need to go
around town with kids in tow. It went live on Mother's Day of 2015.

A year later, LJ, a seasoned actress and well known celebrity, was trying to find
practical ways to spend time with her son Aki now that he is growing up and needing
more activities to do outside the home. In September 2016, LJ launched the very first
version of MApp-The Smart Mommy App, a mobile app that listed kid-related products
and places to go to in the city.

And in October 2017, their paths crossed
Trix was on the verge of selling Mommily and its shares since she and her family have
moved out of the city and she felt it would be nearly impossible to operate the business
outside of Manila. Her first instinct? Sell it to her main competitor, LJ of MApp.

At the very first meeting, these two mompreneurs knew right away that nothing was going to get sold, and no one is buying. Instead, they decided to merge their mobile
apps to make one bigger, better mom and baby friendly app that every mom will
benefit from Apart from loving motherhood, LJ, now with two kids. Aki and Summer and Trix, also with two kids Illy and Aman, are both passionate about making motherhood accessible to ALL moms.

They want to advocate families spending time together outside the home not only
as offen as they can but with the least stress possible - which is why clean lines and user
friendly Ul were paramount in designing MApp.

They believe that this platform will not only help moms get around the city with ease but
that it will create a significant pulse in changing the way malls and establishments lay out their floor plans -making sure they provide ample facilities for moms and all parents especially those with young children.

MApp will be available to download for FREE on iOS and Android starting July 13.

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