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FitLine: For Health, Beauty and Wellness

European giant PM International just showcased their FitLine products to the public via a trade show in Elements Centris Quezon City. 

It’s a day of Rethro Fitness and it was fun with FitLine Health, Wellness and Beauty Products so they can last all the activities they planned throughout the day. 

The FitLine products they showed us were called PowerCocktail and Restorate. The first of which, had few calories and sugar. It's a food supplement that's got B Vitamins, provitamin A, fiber, caffeine and trace element Selenium. 

The Restorate has calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, metal elements and Vitamin D. It promotes cellular regeneration and makes your bone strong, pretty good for athletes or active people. It's like a citrus drink, easy to take in. The Activize Oxyplus on the other hand has Vitamin C, B2, gives you more power and promotes concentration.

Meanwhile at the venue, actresses Thia Thomalia and Kim Dominguez also graced the event and shared some of their lifestyle habits. They obviously work out, do yoga, and told us the value of sleep. They needed help so we asked the owner himself about it.

Owner David Lim explains FitLine products on stage the benefits of using it. 

See some of the pictures from the event:

If you want to know more about FitLine, contact a PM International dealer or call 09394463376.

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