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Congresswoman Rida Robes's Progressive Smile with the Award and Share Future Projects for San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

San Jose Del Monte Bulacan Congresswoman Rida Robes attended the awarding of DILG's Seal of Good Governance at the Manila Hotel on November 5, 2019. She's very supportive with her husband Mayor Arthur Robes. 

She's very thankful and happy with the award that the city achieved and she's all praise with the Department heads who helped a lot to received the Seal of Good Governance Award. 

Congresswoman Rida is very vocal that the award is for Mayor Arthur but with their tandem as Mayor and Congresswoman they can easily work as a team. No competition, no fight and definitely no graft and corruption since there's a COA, CW Rida uttered. 

Congresswoman Rida Robes share as well the future projects for the City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan. They are eyeing to be part again of the Guinness World Records via Living Lativity on December 20, 2019 and hopefully to beat country UK. Also, on November 18, the city will hold a Christmas Tree Lighting and a One day Bazaar. On December 1 - 19, a Town Hall Meeting to different Barangays facilitated by Mayor and Ate Cong. Rida and a gift giving as well will be given to the in need resident of the city. 

Congresswoman ended the interview with their Christmas Plans. They will do Pilgrimage with the family since they are a devotee of Mama Mary. 

Watch the video interview below: 

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