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Dito at Doon Showing in Cinemas on March 17

After the success of I'm Drunk, I Love You directed by JP Habac. Here comes another movie of JP under TBA Studios entitled Dito at Doon starring New Kapamilya artist Janine Gutierrez and actor JC Santos. 

The story is about the Political Science graduate Len, 28,has been working hard for her planned bright future when the pandemic hit.  Early into the lockdown, she takes to social media to voice concerns about how people's reactions to the lockdown. Online, she gets into a heated exchange with a certain Carlo, who judges her without knowing her personally.  To relieve her stress, she invites her friends to an e-numan.  It is through this online session that she meets Caloy, a friend of a friend.  With his seemingly mature charm, Caloy, 31, is able to draw Len's interest instantly.  Sadly, their opposing views on current events lead them to attack each other, despite not knowing each other fully well.  A final blow prompts Len to leave the video call.


Len's attention is diverted to her mom Aileen, who simply refuses to retire.  Employed as a head nurse for a hospital, Aileen presses that she still wants to work, but Len insists that she should retire.  Despite good intentions, it's clear that mother and daughter don't often see eye to eye.  


Shortly, Caloy re-enters Len's life with an apology.  Amends made, Len and Caloy start a friendship--online and off--and they fall into a routine with every text, call and chat. Caloy shares his life story, as someone left by his father to fend for the family at a young age, how he had to move from Cebu to Manila and never even got to finish college.  Len shares her dreams about becoming a professor, though aware of her own faults as someone with a superiority complex, and how people find her difficult to work with.


Len then learns that Caloy is a crossroads in his life:  should he stay in Manila, or should he go back home to Cebu, to his mom and siblings?  As they trade bits and pieces of their past, present and future, they become closer to each other, despite the distances between them.  Caloy finally proposes they meet in person once the lockdown is lifted.  At first, Len shakes him off, believing that Caloy isn't serious about whatever it is they have--which Calor vehemently denies, even hinting that maybe he does have a reason to stay in Manila after all.  Len ignores this, but Caloy makes the effort of going to Len's house--which is wasted, as Len is stuck in a supermarket doing errands.


The missed opportunity makes Len finally agree to meet up with Caloy when the quarantine ends.  But the virus rears its ugly head, when Len's mother becomes a Person under Investigation and is confined at a hospital. Caloy offers Len comfort, but her sheer stubbornness pushes people away, Caloy included.  The isolation she suddenly feels makes her learn her lesson; she makes peace with her mom and reaches out to others.  As her mom's condition improves, Len's heart softens.  She thanks Caloy and apologizes to him; they now look forward to meeting in person.


Unfortunately, Covid-19 persists, so the quarantine again gets extended.  Caloy is in low spirits due to the uncertainty of things in his life.  This time, Len steps up to comfort him, as he did when she felt down.  He is temporarily calmed, when she assures him that nothing lasts forever--uncertainty and lockdown included.  Eventually, the quarantine is lifted.  Len, excited to finally meet Caloy in person, gets ready for their date despite not having heard from him for several days.  Just before she heads out, she sees Caloy's newest post online:  a picture of him at an airport.  Instead of meeting with her, as once promised, he chose to go back home to Cebu without even telling her.  Hurt for not even hearing an explanation, Len looks at his Facebook profile, wondering if she should end their friendship with a simple "unfriend"--but we never see if she pushes through with it.

Joining the cast are Victor Anastacio, Yesh Burce and Lotlot De Leon. 

DITO AT DOON, Showing in cinemas on March 17 and Streaming on KTX, iWantTFC, Cinema76 @ Home, & Ticket2Me on March 31. 

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