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Lunch Out Loud, Winner in Ratings, Prizes

Lunch Out Loud (LOL) is ahead of the game when it comes to viewership and ratings, even  against It's Showtime, which has been on air for almost a decade.  

LOL launched on October 2020, hosted by Billy Crawford a.k.a. Daddy Bills, Alex Gonzaga,  Bayani Agbayani, KC Montero, Ariel Rivera, Wacky Kiray and K Brosas. Their energy, chemistry and  banter are on point: just the perfect combination to get viewers hooked on the noontime show. 

Despite being new on the scene, TV5's LOL has surpassed long-running noontime shows in the Philippines. From December 2020 to March 2021, LOL took the #1 spot on ratings, getting ahead of It's  Showtime which airs on A2Z. On January, LOL garnered 816K Average Minute Ratings (AMR)--the  highest on record for LOL. In comparison, It's Showtime garnered 559K AMR on the same month.  

Source: Nielsen Arianna PHINTAM Individuals

March 14-23 based on overnight/preliminary ratings

That's all thanks to the creativity and sheer entertainment factor in LOL's segments. From H.O.P.E, which gives hope to couples that have broken up; to the funtastic singing competition KanTrabaho; to the colourful lipsync contest, Drag Queendom.  

Viewers and contestants alike look forward to the ginormous cash prizes given out in Pera Usog. The wish-granting segment, Sagot Mo, Sagot Ko with Daddy Bills is a hit among the LOL-kada  and has helped many people out through their financial troubles. Re-scan your digital boxes to  enjoy the best viewing experience for LOL and the other new shows on the Kapatid Network

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