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Dito at Doon Possible Sequel

Dito at Doon film is still showing via online platform and under the direction of JP Habac, produced by TBA Studios. The film gain positive response from the viewers and asking for a possible sequel.

During the thanksgiving media conference of the movie, director JP Habac, Janine Gutierrez, JC Santos, Yesh Burce, Victor Anastacio and producer Daphne Chiu are all present and answered the questions from the media. One of  the common question is the sequel of the movie. 

“So much possibilities,” JC Santos shared in the mediacon. Janine, Director and even Producer are hoping for a Part 2. If we will check again the movie, Dito at Doon‘s ending left us with a lot of questions. So if the movie deserve the sequel you can still watch the movie via online platform. 

Dito at Doon is still streaming on UpstreamCinema ’76 at HomeKTXTicket2Me, and globally via TBA Play.

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