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Falling In Love with INN Love the Series


There are still so many beautiful boy’s love stories waiting to be told and shared and fortunately for us, one fine BL drama airing this merry month of May is INN LOVE. The Series


Rodel J. Mercado directs. Script by MJ Diaz. First BL offering of Frontline Production Inc. and FLP Artist Management, INN LOVE The Series is a peek into an inclusive world where BL aficionados and the audiences will experience an authentic concept of love which will surely resonate to their emotions, eliciting delight kilig and good vibes and pulling the heart strings..


The latest BL romance presents the story of VJ Mendoza who plays Gino, a scriptwriter for an upcoming digital campaign who visits TK Resort for a much needed inspiration and summoning of his creative muses. 


In the resort, he crosses path with Migo de Vera, who portrays Alex, a freelance model who is in it as well to to escape mend his broken heart. What happens to Gino and Alex, the paths they want to follow and are forced to follow and how from strangers to friends and to beingi n a a different kind of love, its blooming and blossoming are the highlights of this fresh BL series.


Mendoza on Gino: “He is a writer for an ad agency who finds himself having writers block so he decides to go to a resort so he can concentrate on writing,”


He adds:Embracing him is easy because I believe that, everyone should be allowed to love anyone and everyone and not deal with the idea of suppressing it because of societal expectations and constraints. For me, love is such a powerful force that confinement is impossible. The only way through is by embracing it. I also believe that like gender, love is also a construct. So, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing who and how you love.


Alex is a tough looking guy who works as a freelance model who went to the resort to reflect, deal with a terrible break-up, and figure out what to do next,” De Vera talks about his role. “What I love about being him is is the manner he discovered the true meaning of self-love and acceptance.”


“For me, love is the most magical thing,” he carries on. “Ialways wins and if I have enough courage to trust love, then I will be able to trust life and receive my natural birthright of joy. Love has no timelines, expectations, or requirements. We should be able to love freely whoever we want.


Introducing cast members are Niel Lariosa (Derrickwho is secretly attracted to Gino), Rey Correjado(LouiseTK Resort manager who admires Alex) and Anna Escobia (Leslie, Gino’s girl bestfriend).


Completing the cast are Pauline Almero (Kelly), Aaron Caringal (Nip), Daven Noveno (Cole), JC Legaspi (Drew), Micah Guevarra  (Jesse) and  Mitch Dayupatas Ms. Maya – Creative Director of Advertising Agency, boss of Gino.


In conclusion, Director Rodel Mercado declares: “We want our viewers to relish on the deliciousness of loving freely with no strings attached in contrast to self-torture brought by labeling one’s feelings as wrong or fearing of being judged. Each existing community is unique and perfect given all of its imperfections. Only when disallowance of other’s choices like having relationship with same sex begets a problem. Inn Love, The Series prays and wishes that aside from the BL drama supporters, the general public will have an open mind and heart or a curiosity to see beyond the external facade in order to discover the “being” behind it, the soul trying to express itself in hysical form.


Media partners are Village Pipol Magazine and MulatMedia.


Pictorial Team are Creative Director: Rodel Mercado Photographer: Mark Rean Ramos Stylist: Joseph Palma Suit by: Jovan Dela Cruz Designer: Joseph Palma & Elsie Delos Reyes HMUA : Carl Siocon Studio: Village Pipol.


Inn Love The Series premiere is slated on MAY 29, 2021 8:00pm,and every Saturday night, at FLP YOUTUBE Channel and at MULAT Streaming Digital Media.

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