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A healthy farm-to-table lifestyle at Tagaytay Highlands


For more than a year now, the prevailing health situation that has caused anxiety among Filipinos has also served to remind us what matters most – our families’ security, health, and wellnessRecalibrating our priorities to ensure our continued well-being, we turn to cultivate a life that is aligned with nature. Wherpursuing what is essential means growing what our family loves to eat best.


At The Grove at Plantation Hills in Tagaytay Highlands, one can surround their modern Garden Lot farmhouse with fresh produce grown from its own natural green space. Here, every day is a simple farm-to-table lifestyle. Without the senseless distractions we used to engage inwe discover the joys and benefits of vegetable gardening. 


We are stoked just thinking about it: homegrown produce such as fruit and vegetables are often healthier, more accessible, and free of chemicals and pesticides. As we arestuck at home for long stretches of time, the idea of tending to and sustaining home garden that yields the veggies weneed every day is an incredibly attractive one


And if we are fortunate to have sizeable green spaces aroundour homes, growing our own produce to share or to sell totally means self-sufficiency in food for the long haul—no matter what happens outside. 


The Grove at Plantation Hills, with a 22-hectare land area, is a leisure residential and farming concept-in-one that brings the joy of eco-farming right at one’s backyard. Owning a modern primary home while nurturing one’s own green space with herbs and vegetables is now possible with The Grove’s Garden Lots. 

Ranging from 450 to 600 square meters, Garden Lots are designed to encourage homeowners—from novice gardeners to seasoned plantitos and plantitasto indulge in eco-farming right in their own backyards. 


This means that there will be ample space to grow produce for a whole family’s daily supply—and a reasonably short time between sowing and harvesting. In a span of just weeks, home gardeners can savor real farm-to-table freshness—leafy greens for their salads and sautéed veggie dishes; fresh tomatoes for their pasta sauce; and freshly harvested root crops for their favorite soups and stews.


Settling down in a Garden Lot home, would-be residents are inspired to forge a community that flourishes with healthy, sustainable living—with all the fine attributes that make families, and not just plants, bloom and grow.


A unique community where family and farming come together the way nature crafted, The Grove at Plantation Hills is where one builds a primary home while growing their farm. It is a living part of nature which follows the blueprint of its natural surroundings and does not build at nature’s expense. It is a neighborhood of nurturers that is embedded into the environment, thus, the abundance of nature-inspired activities it brings to homeowners. 


Surrounded by hectares of verdant landscape and multiple mountain views, The Grove at Plantation Hills offers ample natural space for deep relaxation and improved mental well-being. Thoughtfully crafted amenities such as ponds, pocket parks, a playground, gazebo, and even a relaxing tree-lined perimeter path evoke a genteel farmer’s lifestyle.


At The Grove at Plantation Hillsdiscerning home seekers can flex their green thumb anew as they discover newfound interest in home gardening in the sun-blessed Garden Lots. Herenature is not just a view and a way of lifeIt is also where one’s journey to sustainable living begins


And as in all themed residential enclaves of Tagaytay Highlandsall facilities and personnel strictly adhere to sanitation procedures and safety protocols including disinfection, hand sanitation, wearing of face mask and face shield, and social distancing.


Property Management has also been consistent in complying with health and safety precautionary measures and delivering quick crisis response during adverse natural and high-risk events.





Tagaytay Highlands is a private resort/network of themed residential communities where access to top-notch sports facilities and recreational amenities is part of the privilege and exclusive benefits of a TH member/homeowner, their families,and their guests.


For more information on how to own a Highlands home, please call +632 75052422 and +63917 5150158, or visit Follow us on Facebook, Tagaytay Highlands, and Instagram @tagaytayhighlandsofficial.

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