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Shop ‘til You Heal This 10.10 with MindNation!

10.10 is one of the biggest sale seasons of the year where everyone is raring for some retail therapy.CoincidentallyOctober 10 is also World Mental Health Day. To celebrate this doubly special day, global mental health and well-being organization MindNation and creative ad agency Propel Manila are teaming up to redefine “therapy” in retail therapy in an effort to normalize the conversation surrounding mental health.


Only on October 10, 2021, MindNation is launching the Real Retail Therapy Sale, where teletherapy sessions and bundles will be up for grabs for only Php 1,010 per session (from Php 2,500 / session). People can purchase the following mental health services:


● Stress Reliever ©, a one hour session with a psychologist who will help you build healthy ways to cope with stress and change negative thought patterns.
● Deep Sleep ©, a one-hour session with a psychologist to help identify behaviors, manage thoughts, feelings, and emotions that interfere with a healthy night’s sleep;
● Self-Love Pack ©, which includes 3 one-hour sessions with a psychologist to help them set boundaries, live intentionally, and have better relationships with the ones who matter. 
● Anti-Anxiety Plan ©, that comes with three one-hour sessions with a psychologist to help you learn how to cope with fears, worries, and negative thoughts. 
● Depression Healing Plan ©, where you can avail of three one-hour sessions with a psychologist to help you develop positive thinking, alleviate stress, and boost self-esteem.


You can purchase as many sessions as you want on 10.10 and schedule them until the end of November 2021. MindNationCare Coordinators can assist you in the booking process in as quick as 2 minutes!


“Part of our advocacy is normalizing conversations about mental health and breaking down the stigma around seeking professional help," says MindNation co-founder and Chief Executive Officer  Kana Takahashi. "We hope that our 10.10 Real Retail Therapy promo breaks down barriers and makes people regard therapy as nothing to be ashamed of."


In a country where around 6 million citizens are estimated to be living with depression and anxiety, it is unfortunate that the stigma surrounding mental illness and getting help is still at large. Through the 10.10 Real Retail Therapy Sale, MindNationand Propel Manila aim to raise awareness on the importance of investing in one’s mental health, make therapy more approachable, and get people to talk about it more openly.


“Mental health is quite close to the heart of our agency. And we’re very happy to partner with MindNation in helping normalize therapy and promote well-being during these times. This is just the start of many stigma-breaking collaborations,” says Propel Manila partner and chief creative Raymund Sison.


Don’t miss this opportunity to catch the best budol yet for yourself or someone you care about! Head on over to MindNation Facebook Messenger or the GoodWork app for a full list of these amazing deals and “Add To Care” this 10.10 only! 



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