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BRIA Condo Vertical Villages, the Home to Be for Aspirational Young Filipinos

Everyone wants something different out of their home. Apart from the standard attributes that prospective buyers look for—good design, comfort and security, and durability—they may have diverse needs that require different types of living spaces.  


For millennials in the workforce who are upgrading from renting to homeownership, BRIA’s condos—aptly called vertical villages—are an attractive, even ideal option for their very first home. Residents of BRIA condos enjoy cozy and intimate co-living in elegant walk-up buildings where they forge small, tightly knit communities through their well-laid-out spaces. 


It is a scenario that appeals to young professionals or startup entrepreneurs who will feel an empowering sense of accomplishment as they enjoy features that allow them to live their best lives. This is because BRIA’s vertical villages boast amenities rarely offered in economical midrise condos—communal clubhouses with function halls, swimming pools, and spacious play areas, and complete gym facilities. Thus, it is the place to be for bright, aspirational millennials who work hard and expect to savor the fruits of their productive life. 


Such are the defining features of BRIA vertical villages, which present a vibrant alternative to the dull and drab residential blocks commonly seen in the busy metropolis. But apart from functional living spaces, another key advantage that BRIA condos have over traditional apartment complexes is their proximity to lifestyle hubs and major business districts. After all, BRIA Homes has always built projects with strategic and carefully planned locations in mind, and BRIA condos, without exception, provide easy access to essential goods and services.


To top it all, BRIA Condos have walkable green spaces, a dedicated jogging path, and landscaped gardens that help promote an active, healthy lifestyle among their residents. 


Homebuyers who seek precisely what BRIA’s vertical villages have to offer can make their choice among the four condo housing projects that are currently on ready-for-occupancy or pre-selling mode. These include BRIA Condo Mactan, BRIA Condo Cagayan de Oro, BRIA Condo General Trias, and BRIA Condo Calamba, all of which have convenient access to bustling economic centers so that residents are never too far from the heart of the action. 


All BRIA Condos feature either studio units that are cleverly laid out for optimum use of homeowners—or one-bedroom units that have provisions for a bedroom, dining and kitchen area, living area, and toilet and bath. 


BRIA Homes boasts competent property management that ensures safety and protection for residents and their properties in all their projects. At BRIA Condos, there are guard houses at points of entry and exit while security personnel enforces stringent protocols in the community. 


Even as the pandemic restrictions are gradually being relaxed, BRIA encourages interested homebuyers to immerse themselves in BRIA’s 360 virtual tours in order to check out the BRIA Condo projects of their choice. These virtual tours, available through BRIA’s official website, remain the safest and easiest way to have a glimpse of one’s potential home. Just a few clicks on your mobile device and you’re in. 


“At BRIA, we look at the needs of the everyday Filipino and we look to service those needs to the best of our abilities,” says Red Rosales, President of BRIA Homes. With this core value in mind, Rosales now speaks with optimism about BRIA’s foray into the development of the vertical village, which mainly targets the millennials, a market segment that used to spend their money on travel, cars, and gadgets. 


“BRIA believes that the coronavirus pandemic that has afflicted thousands of Filipinos and hurt the economy has reshaped the way young, ambitious Filipinos spend or invest their money,” Rosales confidently asserts. 


“This young generation has become increasingly aware of real estate as the safest investment, whether they intend to resume work in physical offices or continue to work from home, moving forward,” he adds, noting that “BRIA Condo projects come at an auspicious time, giving this new generation of homeowners the residential space they need to be able to thrive and grow in comfort and security.”  



BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., one of the top real estate companies in the country. Acclaimed for its massive footprint of over 50 developments in major Philippine cities and municipalities, BRIA Homes is committed to bring quality and best-value residential communities closer to everyday Filipino families. Through a diverse portfolio of properties such as house-and-lots and condominiums, BRIA Homes promises to provide the right property option for every Filipino’s needs.


To know more, visit their website at, like and follow “Bria Homes, Inc.” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Viber Community, Telegram Channel, Kakao Talk, LINE and WhatsApp, or call 0939-887-9637.

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