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Jhassy Busran an Actress to Look Forward in 2022

Her birth name obviously comes from the fragrant flower that is jasmine, usually white or yellow, and thrives in the temperate regions of Eurasia and Oceania. 

Luckily for us mere mortals in this side of Hollywood, the blooming and blossoming of our own jasmine, comes in the person of Jhassy Bustan, a miss of fifteen seasons, supposedly the age when Juliet Capulet met the love of her life, Romeo Montague, in that lovely city of fair Verona. 
Currently, the young miss born under the astrological sign of Virgo is in her 9th grade at the Mission Christian School, with the King’s Language, English as her favorite school subject. On the side, she is a varsity player of their table tennis team. 

Jhassy is most modest about some of her scholastic achievements: “I graduated salutatorian with 7 awards. With the guidance of my parents, teachers and God definitely, I am a consistent honor student since kinder. I also played Table tennis in BULPRISA before and won a silver medal. I’ve became title holder of Bb Kalinisan twice and Ms. Intramurals 2019.” 

She is Swiftie, listens and appreciates all the penned compositions of international singing sensation Taylor Swift. Locally she idolizes Pop Royalty Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli, the Pinoy Pop Kings SB19 and the oh so ripe to become a supermodel, Maymay Entrata. 

When it comes to her top picks in acting, Busran declares: “I’m an avid fan of Ms. Kathryn Bernardo since 2012 I really love how she acts and her personality. I look up to Ms. Sylvia Sanchez too because of her versatility.” 

Her current eye candies are SB19’s Ken Suson, Daniel Padilla and Donny Pangilinan. 
In the movie “Caught In the Act” she is: “I am Daisy Sison, the best friend of Elaine Cruz which Andi Abaya portrays,” says Jhassy. “My character in the movie is a nerd but not the typical one. She has a social life. She has great friends. She prioritizes her studies pero di niya kinakalimutan maging masaya.” 

Her preparations for the role, she shares: “When I have a new role to portray I just always think that I have to wear the shoes, the feelings and thoughts of my character. And Daisy and I are somewhat similar. I am also I am also prioritizing my studies but at the same time, I balance it with quality time with my family and friends.” 

“My experience in being part of ‘Caught In the Act, I would never forget,”Jhassy avers. “I made a lot of fun and good memories with my co-actors. They were guiding me all throughout the shoot. I also discovered that I can focus pala ng matagal.” She cannot help but guffaw after that reveal. 

What makes her unique, she comes clean: “A lot of people say that I have a matured mindset despite my young age. Having that as my uniqueness, I think can invest more emotions and truth to the characters that hopefully will be offered to me.” 

She does not say nay to the possibility of having a love team. Her explanation: “I will accept it for as long as alam ko naman po na masaya ako sa ginagawa ko with my partner and together, we bring joy and positivity to people.”

Busran is undeniably serious in acting. Her efforts are not in vain since she won international acting awards for the short film she starred in billed “Pugon”. 

In the Gabby Ramos directed short film about child laborers, she bagged the best of the best performance of actress award in the International Film Festival Manhattan in New York and as best child actress in Gully International Film Festival in India. 

The short film, which also had seasoned actor Soliman Cruz as cast, was shown as a film in exhibition in the online edition of Ciemalaya, the most prestigious film festival for independently produced motion pictures. 

Busran promises: “I know that I always do my best in everything. I can promise them na di ko sila bibiguin at kaya ko. I am a strong willed person and I am confident with my talents.”

Watch the Interview below: 

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