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Jhassy Busran’s Fabulous 16th Birthday Celebration

Most of the girls will have an extravagant birthday celebration when they are at the age of 18th.
Aside from her Family, Relatives and Friends. Press and Bloggers are invited in her 16th birthday celebration at Plaza Ibarra Timog of the awarded actress Jhassy Busran. 

The celebration is indeed a star studded as celebrities and directors that she worked with are present. You may check pictures below. 

Jhassy’s Powerful Dance 

Nobita Band 

Jhassy’s 16th Birthday celebration is a deserved party because recently, another achievement was added to the roster of awards she received. Her efforts in sharing her blessings to those in need plus her hard work as an actress and singer has been recognized as she was awarded as Outstanding Woman (Singer, Actress, and Philanthropist) at the 6th Outstanding Men and Women of the Philippines 2022. 

 We will definitely see Jhassy acting again as she will star in the upcoming romantic comedy film ‘Home I Found in You’ in which he is paired with Heindrick Sitjar. 

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