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SV3 with SV Squad Released New Song and Music Video “Sayang Tayo” Featuring Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero

New group is making wave in the Youtube industry and that is SV Squad. SV Squad is an up and coming generation of young, fresh group of individuals who have been making waves on their own, producing tracks here and there. These individual talents were drawn into a singular, collective hip-hop / P-pop force.  

SV Squad releases new song and music video “Sayang Tayo” for their EP “Dear SV”. Dear SV will feature the stages of love and grief. 

This month, in time for the Love month, SV Squad is at it again with their latest song “SAYANG TAYO”. The music video is already out on their official YouTube account which features real life couple actress Andrea Brillantes and basketball player Ricci Rivero. The couple is perfect choice for the MV as we all know from their social media that they are very much in love.  

SV Squad is headed by Sam “SV3” Verzosa III, an architecture graduate and a businessman who owns a production agency, production rental services, importation, distribution, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and a clothing line. He is also the younger brother of Congressman Sam “SV” Verzosa. 

SV Squad has been making waves in the music industry since 2022. They also collaborated with the likes of Miss Universe Philippines. Their latest music video collab, “Talk To Me Nice” just hit 3.4 million, “Nasasanay Na Ako” with 7.7 million views, and “Tito Tita” with 5.2 million views on YouTube.

Sayang Tayo (Dear SV) by SV Squad and Kahit Saglit Teaser (Dear SV) is out now on YT.

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