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Kuya Kim Takes Back Channel

Blogger reports that the real Kuya Kim Atienza has finally surfaced and explains it is an Identity Hack. The lesson is ‘Number Mo, Identity Mo’, and you have to do the SIM REG via to protect your identity and not be hack. 

He talks about how SIM REG has cut down the volume of text scams significantly. And the more of us does SIM REG, the safer it is for everyone, and the easier it gets to catch scammers.

He urges people to tell their family and friends to SIM REG to protect their number, their identity and all those they hold dear. Globe subscribers can easily register at this site or via the GlobeOne App. Just fill out the details in the form and upload a valid Government ID and a selfie then you will receive a confirmation if your SIM is registered already. 

Deadliest deadline on July 25 but why wait? Register it now.

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