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Philippines Won Major Titles in International Math Competition in Malaysia

The Philippine team bagged prestigious titles in the ALOHA Mental Arithmetic International Competition at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur on July 30.

Darylyn Faith Fabilane, 11, from Rizal and Rheana Yasmin Campos, 10, from Caloocan emerged grand champions of the competition that drew 700 students from Bangladesh, Croatia, China, Canada, Cambodia, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Panama, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Venezuela and the Philippines.

Jake Conner Yao, 9, from San Juan City was crowned champion while Ryan Warren Merdegia, 9, of Pampanga, brought home the second runner-up title.

The arithmetic excellence of the young champions was developed through ALOHA's innovative mathematical techniques. 

Rheana is a student from Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic (ALOHA) She also showcase her Mathematical Skills to Press and Bloggers.

The program not only focuses on enhancing their mathematical skills but also aims to instill a passion for learning.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic goes beyond mathematical skills and targets a child's IQ and Ea (emotional intelligence). The program aims to assist children in completing their homework more efficiently, developing exceptional mental calculation skills, improving problem-solving abilities, enhancing their capacity to remember information and visualizing conceptual maps in their minds. By engaging in ALOHA, children can strengthen their cognitive abilities and build confidence in their math skills, ultimately alleviating Math Anxiety. 

They aim to support the community by making sure that children are well-equipped with the necessary skills that will enrich their competency in the field of education while having fun. ALOHA provides high-quality learning materials along with their internationally-trained developmental coaches. 

ALOHA also provides whole brain development program that stimulates both hemispheres of the brain by improving the kid's IQ and EQ like the following:

  • Sharpens analytical and imaginative skills
  • Speed and precision on mental calculations
  • Calculations carried out mentally without external aid
  • An advantage in competitive and aptitude exams
  • Calculation up to 10x faster compared to regular method
  • Fast application of logic and memory
  • Boosts Emotional and Intelligence Quotient
  • Lifetime result

ALOHA provides scientifically proven and effective programs tailored for primary and middle school students. The organization offers three distinct The first t programs, each catering to a specific age group. program, Kinder Tiny Tots, is designed for children aged 4-5 years old and consists of two levels. The second program, Tiny Tots, is for children aged 5-7 years old and encompasses ten levels. Lastly, the Kids program is intended for students aged 8-13 years old and comprises eight levels.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is accredited by Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association (MAMAA) and Zheijang Abacus Association of China.

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