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Puregold Channel's My Plantito: where boy-love blooms beyond boundaries

Puregold Channel’s newest digital sensation on Tiktok, My Plantito, delves into the realm of boy-love, where the support and acceptance of family and friends allow it to flourish. 


My Plantito is definitely not your typical love story, especially in the context of Filipino tradition and values. With the unconventional theme, Puregold Channel dares to challenge the norm, bravely venturing where few have: a romantic boy-love narrative with all the complexities of familial relationships and friendships woven into the story. 


My Plantito stars Kych Minemoto, who brings to life the charismatic Charlie, and Michael Ver, who embodies the enigmatic neighbor and plantito, Miko. To date, the Puregold Channel Tiktok series has been warmly received by audiences nationwide, with each episode amassing up to a million views. 


Ms. Ivy Hayagan-Piedad, Puregold Senior Marketing Manager is extremely gratified to see that the show is resonating with a massive base of viewers. “We hope that My Plantito is sparking conversations not just about love, but also about kindness, acceptance, and the Filipino family dynamic.” 


Recent episodes have shown Charlie and Miko’s friendship and budding romance, along with heartwarming family interactions as Ghaello Salva’s portrayal of Janong, Charlie’s loving and supportive father, adds depth to the narrative. 


An aspiring content creator, Charlie unintentionally introduces“Miko Plantito” to his audience, which goes viral overnight. Spurred by his BFF Bianca (Devi Descartin), he continues to secretly film Miko, which initially threatens to stall their potential romance. 


More uplifting moments are expected to unfold in My Plantito’s upcoming episodes, one of which will show Janong and Bianca offering emotional support when Charlie is caught in a creative slump resulting from his rift with Miko.


It’s all hope and excitement for fans and viewers as 'My Plantito' delivers not only romance and chemistry between Charlie and Miko but also a deep exploration of love and its diverse facets. 


Watch for upcoming episodes of 'My Plantito,' exclusively on Puregold’s official TikTok account @puregoldph. 


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