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How DonBelle lives for real to live more

 This generation’s phenomenal loveteam, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano or DonBelle, disclosed that living for real is the secret to living more. In a recent interview for their latest Smart Prepaid campaign, the tandem shared that navigating fame in the digital age could be tricky, but grounding oneself in reality makes all the difference.


Below, DonBelle peels the layers of online fame by sharing tips on authenticity, finding balance and voice during social media-heavy times. As Gen Zs themselves, Donny and Belle recognize the need to keep things grounded and authentic despite fame, and this is something their followers would spot and relate to right away.


Don’t let social media dictate who you are


It’s easy to join the bandwagon and post what everybody else is posting but for DonBelle, authenticity is a priority and people should find beauty in imperfection.


“Don't let the digital world dictate who you are. Being true to yourself and finding your voice is what makes you genuinely shine,” said Donny to start the conversation.


Belle agreed, “Totoo ‘yan. It’s our real stories, our truths, that connect us.”


Unfiltered bravery in social media realness


For DonBelle, being real means being brave. It takes courage to be real, they said as Donny elaborated on the courage it takes to showcase one's true self. 


“In an age where everyone is curating their online personas, being authentic is a brave act. It's about peeling off the layers of expectation and daring to be seen for who you really are,” he added.


Belle added, “Mahirap sometimes, pero worth it. Real beats perfect any day. And you also become more relatable.”


Finding balance when it comes to sharing things online


The young actors find balance in knowing what to share and when to share things on social media.


“Every day is an opportunity to be a better version of ourselves. It's not about the likes or the follows, but being real with yourself and with others,” Donny said. 


Belle echoed, “Stay true, kahit online. Even though we may be in the public eye, we are still normal people who value family and friends the most.”


Donny intimated that achieving balance online “is about finding those moments of quiet in a day that's constantly buzzing with notifications.”


On the other hand, Belle offered a glimpse into her strategy, “Simple joys lang, like reading or spending time with family, help me stay true to myself.”


Evolve to inspire


“The real challenge is to continuously evolve and share that journey with others. It's about being genuine, which truly connects us,” said Donny, underscoring the impact of authenticity on forming meaningful connections. 


Belle supported this sentiment with a simple yet powerful message, “Be real, inspire. If we can somehow encourage our community to be better versions of themselves, if we can bring joy to their lives, and if we can help them live for real to live more, happy na kami ni Donny.”


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