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From Pantropiko to Pang-grocery: BINI is officially a ka-Puregold!

With the confirmed collaboration between popular hit-making band SunKissed Lola and retailtainment pioneer Puregold, fans are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating what’s next.

As expected, Puregold recently dropped a video teaser hinting at original music from fast-rising Pinoy Pop girl group BINI. The preview sparked immense excitement, drawing hundreds of enthusiastic comments from fans.
Dubbed as the “nation’s girl group,” BINI has captured hearts with viral hits like “Karera,” “Pantropiko,” and “Salamin,” topping charts and amassing millions of streams across various platforms. Comprising members Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena, BINI exudes the wonders of their young followers’ coming-of-age. Their songs touch on themes of romance in bloom, carefree, clean fun, and youthful empowerment—values that Puregold embraces as essential in owning their Panalo stories, such as those that celebrate triumphs and the ability to poweri through.

Puregold previously released a teaser of SunKissed Lola's original song, stirring anticipation for an inspiring anthem about uplifting one’s self. With the release of BINI's teaser, the song gently affirms the need for personal empowerment and celebrating change.

Puregold will continue to excite listeners with more surprises related to this venture. It is committed to championing Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and reaching out to diverse communities and music genres. Through this effort, the company also aims to highlight the panalo stories of each talented local musician—and inspire Filipinos to write their own ticket to success.

With all these, followers of Puregold are bracing themselves for more collaborations with big Philippine music artists, as music enthusiasts eagerly awaiti new announcements.
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