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The Muhlachs: Balancing Fame and Family

If there’s one family that inspires Filipinos as role models of unwavering love and devotion in an industry marred by countless heartaches, it would definitely be the Muhlach family. 


From when Aga and Charlene first met on the set of the iconic 90’s sitcom, "Oki Doki Doc", to their much-publicized wedding in 2001, their union has blossomed into a beautiful family. 


When I proposed, it was quiet. And then it came out in the papers after one week. Nagulat talaga kami. Lumabas sa diyaryo, we're getting married. That was one of the best decisions I ever made was marrying Charlene.  Up to now, I wake up saying, 'Thank you, Lord, for my wife.” Aga Muhlach shared about his wife, Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach.


Aga and Charlene are a rare breed; one a matinee idol turned dutiful father, the other a beauty queen who became an exemplary wife and mother. Their children, the equally smart and good-looking twins Andres and Atasha, inherited not only their parents' beauty and mass appeal, but also their passion as artists. 


Most importantly, the Muhlach children have also acquired their parents’ family-oriented values, an uncommon trait in modern-day showbiz. Aga and Charlene vigorously upheld notions of a traditional family and promoted old-school parenting. Their decision to give Andres and Atasha a “normal childhood” gave the twins the opportunity to grow into the well-grounded yet headstrong adults that they are now.


The Muhlach family will soon star together for the first time in TV5's newest family sitcom, "Da Pers Family". Viewers can expect not just the sheer star power of this beloved household, but also the warmth and authenticity that define them both on and off screen. 

“We had a very normal childhood. They made sure to make us experience a normal life, going to school, playing sports, and even my friends and the people around me, they never treated me as such.”, Atasha shared.


“Because growing up, we lived in the province, in Batangas, so we really got to experience all these things with my brother. So it never really felt any different until recently, when we got older, when they would take us to the premiere night, it was like, ‘Whoa, this is what it’s like!”, she added.


The Muhlach twins were not allowed to have smartphones until they turned 17, a deliberate choice aimed at preserving their innocence during their most crucial learning years. And as both spent most of their childhood in Batangas, they learned the values of simplicity, patience, and responsibility.


Aga and Charlene also encouraged their kids to engage in activities that nourished their creativity, intellect, and interpersonal skills. From playing basketball to eating their favorite pan de coco and pan de regla, their childhood was filled with happy memories of exploration and genuine bonding. Their choice to give their twins an unforgettable old-school childhood serves as a testament to their love and dedication as parents. 


Over the decades, the Muhlach family grew into the nurturing and solid one we see today, all before the public eye. Aga, Charlene, Atasha and Andres were first seen on TV together in a popular fast food TV commercial way back in 90’s, then again more recently in 2018. Later on, the Muhlach family featured as guests on an episode of Aga’s TV5 show, Pinoy Explorer. This was their first ever moment where they all appeared on a TV show.  


Together as a family, the Muhlachs now all tread the same path. Now that Andres and Atasha are following in their parents’ footsteps, these promising young stars are still strongly guided by their  deep appreciation for life's simple joys. 


Catch “Da Pers Family” this May 2024 on TV5. For more updates, follow TV5’s social media accounts or visit    


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