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RomCom Movie: The Hopeful Romantic

Stressed? Problematic? then what are you waiting for? Just go to the Cinemas near you on September 12 since Regal Entertainment latest movie offering “The Hopeful Romantic” is showing that day. 
The cast, Regal Production staff, Celebrities, Bloggers, Press and some of the fans attended the Movie Premiere last night, September 10 at the Trinoma Cinema where in all the attendees laugh and smiles after seeing the movie. 
For the past weeks, we are seeing and witnessing different love teams shown in the big screen. But this time, another love team that you didn’t expect, the tandem of Pepe Herrera and Ritz Azul. In the movie, I didn’t expect that the two has their comedic side, happily they portray it well in the movie.
Direk Topel Lee, as we all know that he’s into directing horror films but this time another genre which is RomCom. I must say that he did his job well with the help of the script writers in providing comic punch lines that viewers will definitely look for. 
In the Hopeless Romantic, Pepe plays Jess, a 33 year old Valet Parking Attendant at The Manila Hotel, an honest man and most of all, a virgin. He promised himself that he will only give himself when he already found his true love.
Veronica, (played by Ritz), is a kept woman in the high society world. A victim of circumstances, but still a survivor.

Jess meets Veronica at the hotel bar. Instantly, he gets mesmerized by her presence. One thing lead to another, and Veronica gave Jess the “first time”. Jess, believing in the magic of what happened between them, decides that Veronica is his one true love.
However, there is one problem; Veronica has no idea that he is not rich. Afraid that revealing himself will make him lose Veronica, Jess starts to pretend the part. He kept on doing this until his resources spill away. The inevitable happens, and Veronica learns the truth about Jess. 
Tagged as the sexy comedian, The Hopeful Romantic is the first film of Pepe in a lead role. 
Pictures from the Premiere Night: 

The Hopeful Romantic opens September 12, 2018. The funniest romantic flim of the season is directed by Topel Lee.

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