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Coco and Angel invite ‘Samahang Solb’ to Mang Inasal

We Filipinos love to eat. And we don’t just want to eat – we want to be solb!

A commonly used term in Pinoy pop culture, ‘solb’ refers to the state of being truly satisfied with one’s great-tasting meal that they get to eat the way they want to.

Mang Inasal, the leading branded grilled chicken, has recently launched a new television commercial (TVC) that captures the peculiar eating habits of Filipinos that make their dining “solb

Starring Mang Inasal endorsers Coco Martin and Angel Locsin, the 30-seconder starts with a scene where Coco and Angel are each leading a group of hungry diners to Mang Inasal store.

Once inside Mang InasalCoco’s groupthe “SamahangNagkakamay,” is shown eating their Chicken Inasal with their bare hands, while Angel’s group, the “SamahangSimot,” is shown finishing their halo-halo up to the last drop. Lastly, another group of diners dubbed SamahangCrunchy Kumagat is shown enjoying the loud crunchy bite of their Pork 


Although having different quirks when enjoying their food, these groups converge in their number one destination for delicious, satisfying food: Mang InasalTogether, they are known as the Samahang Solb

The 30-seconder ends with a scene showing the three groups all seated in one long table, celebrating a toast with their Mang Inasal favorites, as Coco and Angel speak out “Solb sa sarapSolb sa saya!”

According to Mang Inasal Marketing Head Aileen Natividad, their latest catchphrase perfectly captures the quick service restaurant’s brand promisethat is, to satisfy every Pinoy’s desire to be “solb” or to have their hunger satisfied with a filling meal that they can eat the way they want to.

One sure way to be solb is to go to a place like MangInasal where we can eat our favorite meals the way welove to, that is, nakakamaynagsisimut-sarapcrunchykumagat (with our hands, finishing it to the last few bits, or with a loud crunchy sound)or whichever way we prefer,” she said.

Mang Inasal serves the country’s No.1 Chicken Inasal and other favorites like Pinoy Halo-Halo, Pork BBQ, Pork SisigBangus SisigPalabok, and Lumpiang Togue.

No matter which group you belong toMang Inasal simply has what it takes to make you Solb sa sarapSolb sasaya! Bring your friends now to any of Mang Inasal’s over 500 stores nationwide!

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