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Senator JV Ejercito Talks about the Universal HealthCare Bill

Senator Joseph Victor Ejercito or Senator JV, as fondly called by the Filipinos, is a reliable ally of the people in the Senate. He began his career in public service as a young leader and President of the Junior Chamber International Philippines (JCI-Philippines)

He then became the Mayor of his hometown in San Juan City and later elected as Congressman.  In 2013, he became a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines and is currently the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Urban Planning, Housing and Resettlement. 

He is also serving as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health and Demography.  

During the dinner with Press and Bloggers, last March 19 at Limbaga 77, Restaurant. Senator JV also discussed the law that he passed in the senate which is the Universal HealthCare Bill. 

Senator JV Ejercito is the principal author of the law. It aims to expand PhilHealth coverage, which would include free medical checkups, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic services.

This coming May election, Senator JV is running again for a senatorial post and promise to create a law/bill that will benefits the Filipino People.

See video interview below:


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