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San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez: A Loving Mother to Senator JV Ejercito

April 20, 2019 is a Black Saturday but some Entertainment Press and Bloggers had a chance to visit the house of San Juan Mayor Guia Gomez. It’s not an ordinary day for the Mom of the senatoriable JV Ejercito who is celebrating her 77th Birthday that day. 

Yes, we are invited and Mayor Guia prepared and cooked a sumptuous lunch for us. From Main dish to desserts, it was all delicious and suffice our stomach. One of the dish she prepared is her specialty which is the Bacalao, a Spanish-style fish stew from the Basque region of Spain is a traditional peasant dish popular in all Spanish-speaking countries (where each has given it their special twist). 

She said that, she is cooking this once a year and this is a favorite dish of Senator JV Ejercito. Check below the food she prepared for us. 

It was not just a gathering about food but we also had a chance to interview regarding different topics like how Mayor Guia started in the showbiz industry. She said that at the age of 17 years old, she was discovered while she was studying college in Manila. She was discovered by the father of Direk Celso Ad Castillo and was managed by Larry Santiago. Back then she starred in four films: Kwatro Kantos, Rancho Grande, Asiong Salonga and True Confession. This is where she met former president and now Manila Mayor Erap Estrada. 

Mayor Guia is happy as well that her son Senator JV Ejercito is doing good in the survey. She also quipped that JV gave a BMW as a gift to her. She is always saying to her son to Smile more whenever he does the campaigning. Also, she is thankful that they like the new jingle of Senator JV and some are having a Last Song Syndrome (LSS). 

Before we go home, All of us were surprised that Mayor Guia gave us a gift. It only proves that she has a good heart and as they say it’s run in the blood. 

Let’s not forget in the May 2019 election, #26 Senator JV Ejercito. 

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