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ALIF Party List For our Fellow Indigenous Filipino

May 2019 election is fast approaching and we all know that lots of candidates are campaigning to vie for a certain post that they are running. We must not forget that we have lots of Party list who aims to win and made it in the Congress. 

ALIF Party-List is one of the many party list that aims to help the lives of our indigenous Filipino. According to Agakhan Tomawis, ALIF Partylist is an organization devoted to serving Filipinos through their advocacies such as Livelihood, Education and Connectivity.

ANG Laban ng Indiginong Filipino (ALIF) was organized by Acmad Maruhom Tomawis in Marawi City on February 10, 2003 after a series of consultations and meetings with certain leaders of the indigenous cultural communities, including the Muslim Filipinos. ALIF seeks to represent the marginalized and underrepresented sector of the indigenous groups particularly in Mindanao. ALIF won in 2004 and served for three terms until year 2013.

ALIF had a partnership with Tele Preneur Corporation (TPC) a duly registered 100% Filipino-owned MLM direct selling company in the Philippines with eloading as a product. TPC as an MLM company is around 3.8M strong members which may produce a solid vote. 

Let us not forget that ALIF Party-list is # 73 in the ballot box. 

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