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Sulit life hack from MayWard: “It’s all about spending your time online wisely”

Teen stars Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, popularly known as MayWard, are among the busiest young stars in showbiz today. 


With TV series and a lot of projects in the pipeline, free time is a luxury for the phenomenal love team. What’s day like for MayWard?


“On most days, we’re on set or on location shooting,” Edward shared. “We spend long hours at work, away from our families. So, we really make the most of whatever downtime we get.” As an online gaming enthusiast, Edward likes to play during break times, and tries to teach Maymay as well. 


For her part, Maymay enjoys binge-watching fashion, make-up and runway video blogs. In fact, she’s applying some of those tricks to her own runway skills in real life


She said, “Minsan when online, yun na yung ‘me’ time naminkapag nasa shooting nasa trabahoTapos siyempre kapagmay break, yun na rin ‘yung time namin para tumawag safamily at friends kasi lagi kaming malayo sa kanila.”

Digitally savvy as they are, MayWard makes sure to keep abalance between their online activities and nurturing their real-life relationships“We definitely enjoy our digital lifestyle, it’s part of who we are and what we do,” Edward said. “But we also enjoy hanging out with our friends and loved ones. It’s all about balancing your time online and offline.”


Malaking bagay ‘yung internet lalo na kung long distance yung relationship mo sa family at friends pero ibang bagaypa rin ‘yung quality time na magkasama kayo,” Maymayfurthered. 


Aside from their showbiz engagements, the teen idols are also brand ambassadors of PLDT Home WiFithe telco leader’s prepaid broadband service. It’s the ideal home internet solution for young netizens like MayWard because you only load it when you need it and there are no lock-in periods, monthly charges or bill shock from uncontrolled data usage. 


As brand ambassadors for PLDT Home WiFiMayWardreminds their fans to make the most out of their internet connection by sharing it with their family and using it for important online activities such as schoolwork or weekend bonding with the family


Edward noted, “Make sure you have real-life bonding moments with your loved ones and use your data wiselyWhen you buy a Home Prepaid WiFi device, you get free 10GB data which you can use for school or for online activities you do for fun.”

When it comes to maximizing data, his advice is to make sure that data-consuming mobile settings are turned off. “Check your auto-refresh and auto-play settings so you can save your data for videos that you really want to watch. And if possible, watch in SD instead of HD to save data,” he said. 


With PLDT Home WiFi, you can also manage your data usage by checking your balance and usage. To check the balance, just connect to your PLDT Home Wifi and visit


Maymay concluded, “Sa experience namin ni Edwardmas nasusulit mo ang data kapag alam mo kung pa’no i-balance ang paggamit nito. Halimbawasa PLDT Home WiFipwedeka mag-log in sa dashboard to check your balance para lagingsakto sa data at sa budget.” 


The PLDT Home WiFi is available at all PLDT Stores and retailers nationwide for a one-time payment of Php1,995. It already comes with free 10GB of data valid for seven days. Check out MayWard’s Techie Hacks on YouTube for tips on how to #GetYourSulitOn. You can also visit for more information.

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