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Western Visayas police chief P/Brig. General Pamuspusan just uttered #JustBeGoodAtIt  on his assumption day and since then, the hashtag has been shared a thousand times by netizens who find the mantra, "practical, doable and unpretentious."

Netizens react, see below: 

Twitter user @TitaPoorita, says #JustBeGoodAtIt is "direct to the point, no nonsense reminder to the police in Western Visayas that they better be good at what they do."

Echoed @luz_abegail who points out: "Gawin niyo lang ng maayos trabaho niyo at maging disiplinado. Hindi mahirap intindihin ang utos ng boss nila."

Even Pamuspusan himself, a man of few words, was surprised that PRO-6 police have started using the #JustBeGoodAtIt.

Western Visayas Police spokesperson, Lt. Col. Joem Javier Malong said she first heard of the # during the assumption speech of Pamuspusan wherein he reiterated the need for discipline and internal cleansing. “He means business. At the end of the day, we all have to deliver," Malong said.

Interestingly, Pamuspusan's discipline and internal cleansing program was readily put into action against Patrolman Joerick Ace Ilisan of the Pototan Police Station in Iloilo who attacked his commander Police Major Ronnie Brillo last month.

The very thought of it incensed Pamuspusan, who aims to sustain reforms that are already being made by the PNP.

" I promote compassion among our cops. However, this definitely doesn't mean that we will forgive those who do us wrong or those who disrespect our rules and regulations. Ilisan's actions cannot go unpunished," said Pamuspusan.

He added, "I will be very particular about punishing police personnel who remain incorrigible, recedivist and those who are callous who continue to disregard the disciplinary measures of the organization. As police officers, we are obligated to be above reproach. Otherwise, how can people trust us to protect them? There is absolutely no excuse for bad cops. I have zero tolerance for that."

Pamuspusan said that the incident further strengthened his resolve to continue the inspection of the police stations under his command. He explained, "We do this to ensure that all police stations within the Region are performing their mandates. Their priority is to meet or even exceed the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We want to ensure also  that our police personnel on duty are  present, on alert, and are rendering service as expected."

Pamuspusan also defended the choice of Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr to pick Col. Roland Vilela as the new police chief of Iloilo City.

Vilela was accused of sexual misconduct in 2005 and 2007.

"I believe I can give you that guarantee that Col. Vilela will perform well in this province. I'll see to it that he will perform to the expectation of everyond, even higher probably," Pamuspusan said at a recent press conference.

Netizens can almost hear Pamuspusan exhorting Vilela: #JustBeGoodAtIt.

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