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Mayor Arthur Robes of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan : Happy and Nervous with the Seal of Good Governance Award

Today, November 5, 2019. San Jose Del Monte Bulacan Mayor Arthur Robes attended the awarding of DILG's Seal of Good Governance at the Manila Hotel. 

Bloggers had a chance to interview him first before the said event. We are lucky enough to hear some of the reasons why the city of San Jose Del Monte was awarded with the Seal of Good Governance. 

As per, Mayor Robes " the award is every year, very long overdue. There are items that are not yet complete which is a Drug-Free Barangay. We already have 5 Barangays Drug-Free that help us to get the award". 

Also, Mayor uttered that they encountered challenges but with the help of different Department of Local Government Units, they were able to accomplish it. They push Barangay Anti- Drug Campaign and School Based Monitoring Organization to lessen the drug problem. 

Mayor Robes is happy and nervous as well to receive the award since as per him, they have to sustain it. He wanted also that SJDM, Bulacan to be known not just a Rising City but a highly urbanized City.

Watch the video interview below: 

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