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SJDM Bulacan Mayor Arthur Robes Happy To Announce that The City Will Receive the Seal of Good Governance

SJDM, Bulacan Mayor Arthur Robes had a Birthday Mass at the City hall followed by a Flag Raising Ceremony. Mayor Arthur's exact birthday is on November 6 and was happy that SJDM, received lots of award under his term. 

During our interview, Mayor said that it's actually his wish for the City. To received that awards since he wanted that SJDM, Bulacan to be known not just a Rising City but a highly urbanized City. He also celebrated his birthday with the staff and his employees. 

Aside from that, Mayor Robes - a Public Servant also uttered that on November 5, the City will be receiving the Seal of Good Local Governance and it will happen at the Manila Hotel. 

See pictures of the event: 

Birthday Mass for Mayor Arthur Robes

Mayor Arthur Robes with his fellow staff and employees who are celebrating their Birthday

Awarding Ceremony

See video interview below:

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