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2021 The Newest Sex Symbol | Miko Pasamonte

Press and Bloggers had a chance to interview via Zoom last January 2, 2021, The Newest Sex Symbol and that is Miko Pasamonte. Miko, is one of the cast of the upcoming film 'Anak ng Macho Dancer' under GodFather Productions produced by Joed Serrano. 

During our interview, Miko is very brave to answer those questions even it's about his Sex Life. Miko is very popular in Twitter as he pose his Sexy Body and gain him lot of followers. As of this writing, followers is at 197k and because of this popularity, Producer Joed offer the lead role for the movie but ended as a Kontrabida.

As per Miko, he's not mad since Talent Fee is still the same and thankful to Joed as he received a 5M worth of House and Lot as part of the TF since he will do 5 movies under the same Productions.

During Pandemic, Miko shared to us that he has Business that was affected but still thankful that despite of the struggles he encountered, He still Blessed and very vocal thanking Joed that helps him to strive harder. 

Let's wait for further announcements for the showing of the movie since Miko told us that he gave his best. Target showing is on January 2021 via KTX. 

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