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Revival King Jojo Mendrez Wows Netizens When He Visits Julie Vega's Grave

Many were taken by surprise when Revival King Jojo Mendrez visited Julie Vega's grave at the Loyola Memorial Park on January 3, 2021. The heavy  downpour  did not deter Jojo from visiting the late actress' grave.

Is this an indication that Jojo has been chosen to revive "Somewhere in My Past" popularized by Julie Vega? Or perhaps, he simply wanted to visit since, like many, the singer-actress is idolized by the Revival King?

Aside from these questions, it can really be assumed that Jojo was really chosen to sing the famous song of the 80's. The visit could also be indicative of gratefulness to the singer-actress, or out of respect to the 80's famous teen star, to ask blessings of  permission to revive her beautiful song.    

Only Jojo knows the real score, while the creator of the song, Mon del Rosario, has not yet confirmed anything yet, after the auditions for the rebirth of the song.   The Revival King still did not elaborate on whether he was given the green light  to revive "Somewhere in My Past".

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