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HP Display Monitors — whether for conferencing or docking, the right tools for working from home


As we find ourselves working from home these days and adjusting to the changeseverybody needs a work from home arrangement that is conducive to productivity and getting the job done. With all the things we have to assemble and consider for that ideal set-up to suit our requirements, the importance of having a good display monitor is one thing we simply cannot not ignore. After all, we now find ourselves in front of the monitor for extended periods throughout the day—whether we’re doing conference calls, creating a presentation deck, or watching videos.


The good news is that HP has got you fully covered with its superb line of display monitors—the E24d/E27dE243m, and E273m—all packed with features that are perfect for either conferencing or docking


Conferencing Elite Displays – E243m and E273m display monitors


The E243m and the E273m display monitors, for example, are designed precisely for video conferencing, which has become the norm as face-to-face meetings aren’t possible


The E243m comes with a 23.8” display size, an IPS display type, and FHD native resolution (1920 x8010 @ 60 Hz). Its outstanding features include anti-glare properties, Brightview panel, in-plane switching, language selection capabilitiesLED backlights, on-screen controls, plug and play functionalityplus anti-static characteristics with low haze plus pivot rotation.


The E273m on the other hand has a 27” display size, an IPS display type, and FHD native resolution (1920 x8010 @ 60 Hz).Its notable features include anti-glare properties, in-plane switching, language selection capabilitiesLED backlights, on-screen controls, plug and play functionality, pivot rotation and is anti-static and user programmable.


Collectively, what gives these display monitors the edge in video conferencing is the pop-up webcam that opens and closes—for security and privacy—at one touch; the built-in Bang and Olufsen speakers that provides an exceptionally rich and unrivaled audio experienceand conference keys that allows you to control calls without the need of an onscreen menu.Moreover, these HP Display Monitors are Skype for Business Certified!


Excellent for docking – E24d and the E27d


Now, for those seeking a single connection point where you can plug in all the devices you need directly to the monitor—laptop, keyboard, mouse, external storage and more—consider then the E24d and the E27d display monitors.  Designed specifically for docking, they act as a larger display and hub for additional ports, allowing them to function much like a desktop computer.

The E24d has a 23.8” display size, an IPS display type, and anFHD native resolution (1920 x1080 @ 60 Hz)Other noteworthy features include advanced haze, anti-glare properties, on-screen controlspivot rotation, plug and play functionalityheight adjustabilitysingle power on, network manageability, and an IR camera.

The E27d has a 27” display sizean IPS display type, and QHD native resolution (2560x1440). Other superior features include advanced haze, anti-glare properties, on-screen controls, pivot rotation, plug and play functionality, height adjustabilitynetwork manageability, and IR camera.


As well, HP Docking Display Monitors help create a streamlined and clutter-free workspace thanks to the ability to connect and power your personal computer up to 100over single USB-C cable; aids in improved productivity brought about by a seamless dual-display set-up that easily expands your visual real-estate; and generates an integrated network via the integrated RJ-45 port. These Docking Display Monitors also help protect users with the HP Eye Ease. It is an always-on blue-light function without affecting the color accuracy of the monitors. 


So, whether you’re looking for superior display monitors for conferencing or docking for your work from home set-uptake a closer look at the HP E24d/E27d, E243m, and E273m display monitors. Get yours now via or


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