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Jojo Mendrez Will Revive The Song 'Somewhere in My Past'

Many were taken by surprise when Revival King Jojo Mendrez visited Julie Vega's grave at the Loyola Memorial Park on January 3, 2021. 

Netizens speculates that there's a possibility that Jojo will revive the hit song of Julie Vega's 'Somewhere in My Past'. 

And today January 13 via Vlogcon, Star Image Artist Management officially congratulates and announced to the public that Jojo Mendrez will revived the song 'Somewhere in My Past'.

Jojo via phone patch, is very happy that he will revive the song since it's unexpected for him since many great singers today. He's grateful that he's the one to sing and promise to have a good rendition since he's a fan of Julie Vega. 

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