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GLOC-9 Collabs with an Aspiring Singer and Achieves Mutual Life Milestones

The creative naturally flows during special occasions. With Gloc-9 celebrating his birthday this October, it is no surprise that a song or two will pop out.  However, more than this, it is also more fulfilling to be an instrument of realizing someone else's dreams.


Last August, Gloc-9 came to an agreement with AlkavivaWaters Philippines to franchise their brand. It was actually a God given happenstance that fate brought them together as it provided an opportunity to diversify and invest on the future for our favorite Makata and at the same time for  PECEngr. Marie Grace Quintero Cristobal, owner of Alkaviva, to fulfillher dream of becoming a recording artist. Talk about WIN-WIN, right?


Wait, what?!


Yep, Gloc-9 found inspiration in his conversations with M'Grace to write "Maulit Man" and at the same time collab with her in recording the song. 


Many will surely relate to this ode to love as it chronicles the strength and resilience of two lovers in overcoming the challenges of life's many ironies.


The song is available on all streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music (   You can also watch the video directed by Edrex Clyde Sanchez at Gloc-9’s YouTube channel


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