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BRIA Homes Offers Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Iriga, Camarines Sur

Real estate is considered one of the best asset classes that investors—both seasoned and un—can ever have. Billionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie affirmed this when he once asserted that “the wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.” 


To this day, real estate continues to be an important part of investors’ portfolios. Its advantages, such as stability, competitive appreciation, and ability to build passive incomemake it attractive to most investors regardless of their economic class. However, when vetting prospectiveresidential property acquisitions, investors must alsoconsider location, economic prospects, and value appreciation.


In the Philippines, there is a rapidly increasing demand forresidential areas—outside CBDs—that tout high growth potentialHome and property investment seekers are realizing their latent values and are now casting a wider net around the fringes of big cities such as the suburbs or farther out in the provinces.


Foremost housing developer BRIA Homes is, of course, well aware of this. It has, to date, launched more than fifty projects nationwide—mainly residential enclaves in locations that strategically stand out for their proximity to key lifestyle hubs and are poised to benefit from the government’s infrastructure boom.


BRIA Homes has, in fact, been pushing its developments both south and north of Metro-Manila, and is currently spurring aspiring investors to check out BRIA Homes in Iriga, a landlocked component city in the coastal province of Camarines Sur.


The largest province in the Bicol Region, CamSur gained more popularity and patronage among tourists in recent years due to its rich culture and history, as well as its beautiful natural attractions. With its perfect balance of urban comforts and untouched, natural beauty, Iriga, Bicol’s ‘City of Springs’, has developed into sought-after real estate location in Camarines Sur. 


And as expected, BRIA Homes Iriga is where the action is, offering not only practical housing options for the everyday Filipino family but also long-term opportunities for wise investors through its pre-selling of sturdily built, well-designed house and lot units. These include the sought-after Bettina, Alecza, and Thalia models, as well as itsrecently launched Elyana xE from BRIA’s xE series of upgraded homes, which tout exterior enhancements such as their own fences and gates, and a finely finished front pavement.


With location, value appreciation, as well as superior quality-of-living as crucial factors for both property and investment seekers, BRIA’s Iriga residential project hasthem covered.


BRIA Homes Iriga is only 10 minutes away from the city proper, which is known as Iriga’s educational center with over ninety public and private learning institutions—from elementary schools to universities. The city also boasts of modern hospitals and other medical facilities that are easily accessible through both public and private transport—plus all the essential amenities that BRIA homeowners will need to enjoy a holistically healthy lifestyle.


To further assure investors, Arnaldo Lumague, BRIA Homes Camarines Sur Division Head, highlights the priority that the housing developer places on locations like Iriga. “BRIA’s fine reputation for offering high-value properties in high-growth cities like Iriga is unmatched in the industry,” says Aguilar. “We are confident that Filipinoproperty investors that place their money in BRIA Homes Iriga will watch their money grow through the years, which in turn will further propel economic growth for the local government.” 


Interested homebuyers can immerse themselves through BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours in and inquire online through our Facebook page at

They can also reserve a house online through


BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., one of the top real estate companies in the country. Acclaimed for its massive footprint of over 50 developments in major Philippine cities and municipalities, BRIA Homes is committed to bring quality and best-value residential communities closer to everyday Filipino families. Through a diverse portfolio of properties such as house-and-lots and condominiums, BRIA Homes promises to provide the right property option for every Filipino’s needs.


To know more, visit their website at, likeand follow “Bria Homes, Inc.” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Viber Community, Telegram Channel, Kakao Talk, LINE and WhatsApp, or call 0939-887-9637.


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