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Mindanao Accelerates Growth and Progress With Asterra

Mindanao, a beautiful island in the southern reaches of the Philippine archipelago, was viewed in the ‘60s as a “land of promise.” However, it was not until decades later when it became the country’s second largest economy after Luzon, thanks in large part to a vastly improved peace and order situation that, in turn, encouraged the region’s dynamic business leaders to initiate bold plans for its economic future.


With an area of about 100,000 sq. km and a population of more than 20 million that is predominantly young, educated, and driven, Mindanao is now host to multiple business outsourcing companiesthat serve information technology hubs and other industries. Its rapidly developing tourism and hospitality trade is likewise resultof the region’s strict security measures, with numerous establishments staying open 24 hours a day.


Not quite the least among these positive developments is the ongoing infrastructure boom in Mindanao that has emboldened key players of the real estate industry to build commercial and residential properties. Large shopping malls and multiple mixed-use developments have risen, indicating that Mindanaoans now expect to lead productive lives and savor modern lifestyles in the newly affluent region.


Leading the charge is top real estate developer Vista Land, with its new Asterra series of condominium properties. Introduced as a personal housing project of Vista Land Chairman Manny B. Villar, Asterra will be right up front, training the spotlight on Mindanao’s finest cities. In fact, Asterra’s foray into Mindanao will be one of synergy and collaboration, benefitting both the region and the housing brand. 


To be unveiled in the early months of 2023 are Asterra’plans for condo developments that will rise in the quiet and serene suburbs, specifically in areas that boast stunning natural backdrops. Indeed, where prosperity and progress are foreseen, Asterra will be there to provide homes and a comfortable life.


No less than famed real estate tycoon Manny B. Villar explains why Vista Land will push for the success of Asterra in the region. “With the singular beauty of the island and its rich cultural heritageVista Land hopes to build idyllic residential projects such as Asterra to match,” MBV points out. 


Villar also seeks to entice business investors to come in and helpoptimize Mindanao’s potential. I believe that now is the best time to give Mindanaoans the quality homes of their dreams, while offering property investors the value proposition they won’t find elsewhere in the region,” he affirms.


For more information on Asterra, please check out its website: or the official Asterra FB Page:


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